U Roberto Romano was a photographer and filmmaker who worked closely with my client GoodWeave, a nonprofit working to end child labor in the handmade carpet industry. He also made the documentaries The Dark Side of Chocolate and The Harvest/La Cosecha about children forced to work in agriculture. Robin, as he was called, died last week unexpectedly. It’s a tremendous loss for the humanitarian community and for his many, many friends and colleagues. From one of Robin’s blog posts: “Nelson Mandela once said “There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.” What I have known for a decade is that where children in American agriculture are concerned, the soul of America is languishing.”

Thank you to a man I never met in person but appreciated enormously for his courage and commitment, as well as his eye for beauty and truth. A friend who knew him well called him “an intense creative caring artist.” I can think of no better way to have lived. Rest in peace and condolences to my colleagues who mourn him.

Human Rights Watch Fields of Peril brochure

GoodWeave Faces of Freedom Exhibition